Thursday, June 08, 2006


Where did that week just go? Finally the summer has descended upon Essex, so am enjoying the benefits of having a large balcony / terrace in which to sit.

Made a rather yummy leek gratin the other night out of the splendid Silver Spoon book, hubby even said it was the best thing I've ever cooked (is that a compliment though?!)... better than my Thai green curry? surely not. On the menu tonight (if Little Madam settles to sleep) is a Lebanese mezze feast. Yum.

The aforementioned L.M. (Little Madam) is really clingy at the minute, especially at bedtime. She used to be put int he cot and just go straight to sleep, but now she won't settle, is just sitting up all the time. If you leave her thinking she might play for a bit and fall asleep, she just doesn't and wants cuddles to get her off to sleep (oh is this a really bad habit I've started?!). It took me 2 hours (!) to get her to sleep last night (everytime I put her in the bed asleep she's wake up aargh). Saying that, this morning she did just fall asleep playing in the cot, so fingers crossed it's on the up.

Am now reading Self Matters by Dr Phil (from the Oprah show), and very good it is too. Definitely more me than Feel the Fear (which was good, but a little bit too touchy-feely for me!). It's quite straightforward which is good. Am also reading Philosophy The Basics, which I read when I was about 17 but haven't touched since then. Having a bit of a fiction holiday at the minute, and quite enjoying it.