Monday, May 29, 2006

A Passage to India

Just finished this book on the recommendation of my mum + also the foreword to Zadie Smith's 'On beauty'. The first chapter was quite slow and descriptive, and I was worried I wouldn't like the book, but once it got going it was fantastic. I really liked the characters, although some of them seemed to die very suddenly and unexpectedly (but I have since found out that this is a feature of E.M.Forster's work). The story is not action-packed, but more about the characters and the relationships and tensions between them. Brilliant. I will definitely add other works by Forster to my 'To Be Read' list.


At 12:17 pm, Anonymous KW said...

'A Room with a View' is an enduring favourite of mine. Love it. And the fillum is good too, particularly when George falls out of a tree while reciting his 'creed'. ;)


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