Thursday, April 13, 2006


This flu thing is not going away at all... starting to feel well sorry for myself. Took baby E to the Doctor's the other day, but it's nothing sinister. just a chesty cough.

Still waiting for my cookery book (The Silver Spoon) to arrive from Amazon... has been a week now, is it coming on horseback?

Chavs-R-Us next door are always arguing. Not just arguing, mind you, I mean really going for it. The walls are paper-thin here, and you can hear every word they say (or should that be shout).It's 'get out of my house you f*cking c*nt' and 'you f*cking w*nker'. Not sure if they beat each other up or just like throwing things around, but all this happens far too often. Nice. Last night the woman was on the phone to the police or someone and then sobbing to her mum about her chav of a husband. Watch this space.

Go on a Quest...

Kate Mosse wins 'Read of the Year' for Labyrinth. Not sure how justified this is, as I have read the book, enjoyed the story but felt it wasn't particularly well-written (although a million times better than the Da Vinci Code in terms of how it was written). For a refreshing change, I am now reading Shalimar The Clown, by Salman Rushdie, and it is beautifully written. Why wouldn't they read that on the ruddy Richard & Judy bookclub?


At 8:56 am, Anonymous KW said...

It sucks when books that aren't that great get all the applause, doesn't it?

Sorry to hear of the 'flu woes continuing - echinacea? Ginger and lemon tea made with root ginger (none of that wuss stuff you get in health food shops) and honey is quite nice when you're feeling ropey...


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