Saturday, April 29, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posts lately... have been having major problems with T*scali... now using Bulldog, all seems back to normal again. Baby E is teething like mad - has a little shard of tooth poking through at the bottom, but not coming through any more than that yet. She's waking up twice overnight now (has always slept through since about 3 months), which is pretty painful for mum I can tell you.

Am currently reading 'On Beauty' by Zadie Smith, am about halfway through and it's brilliant. The characters are really life-like and distinctive, and the way it's written is good, you can see how she's matured since White Teeth. I'm a bit of a sucker for name-dropping of books in other books - in the prologue to this one, Zadie Smith mentions that she loves Simon Schama's book about Rembrandt, which I now feel obliged to read. Am I the only person who feels secretly jealous of Zadie Smith? She's only a year older than me, she went to Cambridge (I think) and has had 3 novels published, the first of which was made into a TV series, and the most recent one is up for the Orange Prize.

Anyway.. should go as baby E is a bit whingey.....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Life: The Update

* The flu is finally starting to go.
* The bloody cookery book still isn't here, despite the fact it was 'dispatched' on the 7th, but, I'm promised, will be here tomorrow. Right.
* Baby E is trying to crawl, but she can't get her legs into the right position just yet. Don't think it'll be long though.
* Am almost finished Shalimar The Clown by Salman Rushdie. And very good it is too. What to read next?
* Tonight am going to cook hubby a Turkish lamb stew with an aubergine sauce, and a rice pilaf. Obviously I won't be eating the lamb bit, but the rest sounds tasty [from Arabesque].
* Also on a foody note, I found the most scrummy jam in Sainsburys: it's a Taste The Difference (ie a smidge pricey) fig and orange-blossom jam. Yum.
* Have lost 5lbs on the Kellogs diet in the last 2 weeks. That means I am only 2lbs over what I was when I got pregnant (I've lost just under 3 and a half stones), although to be fair I could do with losing another half a stone. But yay anyway! Now all I need is a bit of motivation to do some exercise other than walking with the pushchair...
* Next on the 'to-buy' list is a pasta machine, only £15 in Argos, but why has it taken me so long to realise I should have one?
* Perhaps if I didn't like food + cooking so much I might find it easier to lose weight? Pah, where's the fun in that?!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


This flu thing is not going away at all... starting to feel well sorry for myself. Took baby E to the Doctor's the other day, but it's nothing sinister. just a chesty cough.

Still waiting for my cookery book (The Silver Spoon) to arrive from Amazon... has been a week now, is it coming on horseback?

Chavs-R-Us next door are always arguing. Not just arguing, mind you, I mean really going for it. The walls are paper-thin here, and you can hear every word they say (or should that be shout).It's 'get out of my house you f*cking c*nt' and 'you f*cking w*nker'. Not sure if they beat each other up or just like throwing things around, but all this happens far too often. Nice. Last night the woman was on the phone to the police or someone and then sobbing to her mum about her chav of a husband. Watch this space.

Go on a Quest...

Kate Mosse wins 'Read of the Year' for Labyrinth. Not sure how justified this is, as I have read the book, enjoyed the story but felt it wasn't particularly well-written (although a million times better than the Da Vinci Code in terms of how it was written). For a refreshing change, I am now reading Shalimar The Clown, by Salman Rushdie, and it is beautifully written. Why wouldn't they read that on the ruddy Richard & Judy bookclub?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Easter Egg Diet

I have the flu from hell at the minute, and unfortunately so does baby E. She was up practically all night the other night coughing, there's nothing quite like singing twinkle, twinkle at 4am with a very sore throat. Aah the joys of motherhood...

I made Pete's bread suggestion of walnut & parmesan, very tasty too. Any other recommendations send 'em this way.

After only 6 days on the Kellog's Diet, I've lost 3lbs :o) And I even ate half an Easter egg one day. That's my kinda diet. I'm not being very strict with it really, not eating my meal as a 'diet' meal, having lots of snacks (even toast sometimes)although trying to eat vegetables and stuff. Did a bit of exercise earlier int he week, but since the advent of Flu From Hell, have abandoned that idea. Tried on some old trousers this morning and I can actually fasten them, and although they'd look a bit better if I can shift a bit more, I'd be able to wear them out now I think. 1 more week to go... We might be going to Prishtina (Kosova) in the summer with the baby, so that's a bit of an incentive to lose a few pounds.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wednesday's child is full of woe

Well, the interview went well, only I got foxed by a couple of questions about working with teenagers (erm as I've not ever done it before)... so I didn;t get the job, but they gave me very good feedback plus some handy hints about future jobs that are coming out soon. Oh well....

In other news: I've really been getting in to bread-making in the past few weeks. Not with a machine, I might add, by hand, with a bit of elbow grease and some serious arm-ache. The best one yet was sun-dried tomatoes and olive bread. Mostly I just make plain white loaves though, and they are really tasty. It's not even that difficult, just a bit time-consuming.

Am on the Kellog's Diet again... haven't put on any more weight or anything, but just want to shift that last stubborn half a stone so's I can get back into all my old trousers again... it's all round the middle after you have a baby... Anyway, today's day 2 on it and it's going ok so far. Just as well I like cereal then.

How annoyed was I to discover at the weekend that The Bank have cancelled my debit card without telling me? I recently changed my name over to the married one (a little late in coming, I know), and they stop my card before they've sdent me a new one. What is the world coming to?