Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The world of full-time motherhood may be about to come to an end: I have a job interview tomorrow. I don't want to go back to work really, but needs must. And it'd only be 2 days a week. Feels a bit weird to be thinking about work-things, after not working since June last year. Anyway... I'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Essex Girl

Well hello there, fancy seeing you around here again. Yes, I'm back, after almost a month and a half with no internet (imagine the hell I went through).

We are now in the new flat in Essex (only just Essex, mind, it's still on the tube), and very nice it is too. The neighbours on one side are a little less than desirable (read as the chav-family from hell) but you can't have it all now. In fact, it's so good here, my parents are planning to move down all the way from Newcastle. Whilst I don't miss the endless string of crackheads and general lunatics that west London breeds, I do miss the multiculturalism and the food shops and restaurants from all around the world. Round here everyone is pretty much from Essex, apart from us, which does feel a little bit strange. But if we want multiculturalism then we can just hop into London and there are the Turkish bakeries and Middle Eastern food shops that I miss. Although I never thought I would. But to be honest, that's the reason I moved to London in the first place, because Newcastle at that time (althoguh less so now) was a bit too 'samey', full of people from there who had always lived there. I wanted something more mixed up, more 'exotic' perhaps. And here I am in sunny Essex...