Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The World of Snot

Yes, the whole family has the snot. Even poor baby E. Not a great incentive to carry on with the packing, I must say. Feel like I'm swallowing glass the whole time. I'd rather be in bed with a good book, but hey ho such is life. This will be the last post for a little while, and when I'm back up and blogging, it'll be from the wonderful world of Essex.

Here's a meme, courtesy of Sashinka:

Four jobs I've had:
Sales assistant in Selfridges (lasted one month before the bitchiness got too much and I had to leave)
Assistant manager of a sports-shop
Waitress (Not my finest hour - I spilt a pina colada over Jonathon Ross's American friend's very expensive suit, and sadly he was headed straight for the airport. In the unlikely event you're reading this, I'm so sorry. And J.R. left me a very large tip (£30!) in spite of it. What a lovely man.)

Four movies I can watch over and over:

I'm not a film-person really, but here's my choice -
American Beauty
Twice Two (Laurel & Hardy)

I really should broaden my film-horizons...

Four places I've lived:

Koerde (a very small town near Münster (the one near Osnabrück) in Germany)
Queens Park (obviously)

Four TV shows I love:

Crimewatch (is that weird?)
Waking the Dead
Midsomer Murders (very tame, I know, but I do like it)
Question Time (but sadly it's on too late for my rock'n'roll lifestyle these days)

Four places I've been on holiday:

Salina (small island off Sicily)
Prishtina (Kosova)

Four of my favorite dishes:

Butternut squash and sage risotto
That curry thing from Wagamamas
Mashed potato

Four sites I visit daily:

BBC Online
AQA (I work for them)
Four places I would rather be right now:

Four bloggers I am tagging:

Blue Witch