Friday, January 27, 2006


That's a good word to describe the state of our flat at the minute. We have started packing up some stuff, mainly clothes and my vast collection of books. I will definitely need to buy a second bookcase once in the new flat. I seem to have little piles of books all over the place.

Finally finished reading Alan Bennett's "Writing Home" after about 3 months. Mind you, I've mainly been reading in the bath, and it's a 400-page book. I did enjoy it, but foudn myself skimming over some of the theatre-stories, not being much of a luvvie myself and not knowing who some of the people were. I particularly remember A.B.'s quote about a keeping a diary helping to slow down time. Perhaps that's why I do this blog, I suppose it is a sort of diary, although I try to steer clear of 'today I did this and yesterday I did that', unless it's mildly amusing or remarkable. The bit I liked best in A.B.'s book was The Lady In The Van, the story of 'Miss Shepherd', an eccentric old lady who lived in a van outside A.B.'s house for many years. Hilariously written with a poignant touch at the end.

SWSL's review of Writing Home.

Have now embarked upon 'Labyrinth' by Kate Mosse (with an 'e', although to be fair, that could well describe the other Kate). Incidentally, the writer-Kate has a super website, well worth a look.


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