Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Off the wagon

Well, the meditation thing lasted, ooh, all of four days I think. It's just too hard with such a small baby.

Considering doing this freelance + features writing course (diatsnce learning, naturally)... whaddya think?

Nick Robinson's (from the BBC) Newslog.

It seems if you're a novelist, the best thing you can hope for is to get your book included in the Richard and Judy book club list. They always do rather well. Here's the list for 2006. I only have 'Labyrinth' so far, not read it yer, but it looks quite interesting. I must say, having dipped a toe into the pool of R&J books in the past, I have rather enjoyed the ones I've read (Star of the Sea, Starter for Ten, Shadow of the Wind, Time Traveller's Wife, The American Boy... and have Cloud Atlas in the ever-expanding to be read pile). Someone somewhere is doing a sterling job.


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