Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Week four already

Well, somehow I've made it to Week Four of NaNoWriMo, and I'm still going! Have just passed the 37k mark, and the end is in sight! Am actually enjoying it this year, so the key for me is NO PLANNING in advance! I will, of course, go back and do the 'planning' (ie. organising of plot, characters etc) AFTER I finish, but doing it this way round for a change has had a profound impact on the way I write. This is the first longer piece that I've done which I don't think should go straight in the bin, which is what I've felt about the other 'novels' I've done in the past. Phew.

This story was encouraging, to all budding writers... waitress Rachel Zadok who entered a Richard + Judy competition is now published and up for the Whitbread Prize. You go girl!

How often does this happen? One of my favourite writers, Truman Capote, has had a new book published, which is his long lost first ever novel. I can feel the purse coming out...


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