Friday, November 11, 2005


Thanks to Keris for providing this Meme...

Three screen names that you've had: baglady, LadyLazarus, angel132_uk

Three things you like about yourself: Good listener, liberal views, bit quirky (!)

Three things you don't like about yourself: Worry what other people think of me, flabby post-baby hips + tum, and over-sensitive

Three parts of your heritage: Tynemouth (great northern seaside town!) - chips, seagulls and pubs.

Three things that scare you: Moths, butterflies and gangs of hoodies (!)

Three of your everyday essentials: t'internet, tv news, Muller light yogurts with cakey bits (the best!)

Three things you are wearing right now: Black tracksuit bottms, black socks, black Gap hoodie (what did I say about hoodies?!)

Three of your favourite songs: They Won't Go Where I go - George Michael (Stevie Wonder cover), Lilac Wine - Jeff Buckley (Nina Simone cover), and Fix You by Coldplay.

Three things you want in a relationship: Laughs, hugs, nice days out.

Two truths and a lie: I was once in the Five Star fan club (oh the shame, but I was only 8), I once sold Jack Dee some boxer shorts, I love the smell of liver (calf's, not human).

Three things you can't live without: Elise (!), t'internet, and books.

Three places you want to go on vacation: Poland (yes!), Thailand, and, for some reason, Cornwall.

Three things you just can't do: Drive, drink whiskey, listen to Mariah Carey.

Three kids' names: Elise (natch), Edie, Ella (all female, all beginning with 'E', *sigh)

Three things you want to do before you die: Get a novel published!,

Three celeb crushes: Tim Burgess, Jeff Buckley (does it matter that he's dead?), erm... can;t think of any others.

Three of your favourite musicians: Jeff Buckley (again), Coldplay, and David Bowie.

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you: Eyes, smile, hair.

Three of your favourite hobbies: Yoga (when I have the time these days!), readng novels, writing.

Three things you really want to do badly right now: Eat chocolate!, sleep for a week, read a book.

Three careers you're considering/you've considered: Novelist, clinical psychologist, counsellor.

Three ways that you are stereotypically a girl: I like animals, flowers and cuddles.

Three people that I would like to see post this meme: Random person, Pete and Billy (RIP).


At 5:53 pm, Blogger billy said...

...does that mean I'm still alive :^)...

At 9:24 am, Blogger michelle said...

i hope so!


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