Monday, November 07, 2005

Happy Eid

I was brave enough to go to one of those 'mum and baby' groups for the first time today, only to discover that it was an 'Eid Party'. I suggested I should come back another day, but the woman said no,no you are welcome. So I ventured in, only to discover a room full of women wearing headscarves and talking Arabic, with toddlers screaming the place down. So I left. Not the best start to my new life of coffee mornings with mums, although I will endeavour to go back on a quieter morning when perhaps there's less older children around. Think E would have been a bit overwhelmed by the noise!

NaNo update: after only doing 350 words over the whole weekend, I made up for it today by doing 3000, taking my word count to 10,800. Still behind, but not by too much.


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