Sunday, September 25, 2005

Look away now if you're a bit squeamish

Well here it is, the story of the labour...on the Monday night (12th) I got no sleep, the pains were coming stronger and more regular (altho I was surprised that 'regular' meant they were 8 mins apart, then 11 mins, then 9 mins etc etc...). I tried to take a friend's advice of having paracetamol and going back to bed, but it didn't touch the sides! Put TENS machine on (which REALLY helped in the early stages) and sat on ball for hours listening to Enigma! Rang labour ward when contractions were every 10 mins to be told to ring back when they were every 3-4 mins(was a bit shocked!).

When they were every 3-4 mins, had a slightly uncomfortable car journey in the rush hour to the hospital (had about 4 contractions in the car!)... got to the hospital and TENS was no longer as effective, so moved on to gas + air. Was told I was 8cms dilated (yay!). From arriving on labour ward at 9am, to get to the pushing stage took until 3pm, and amazed myself by doing it just with the gas + air (ouch!). After 1.5hrs pushing, I was exhausted and the baby wasn;t coming out, so ended up having an epidural (after I'd done all that hard work as well!) and a Ventouse delivery, but the epidural didn't cover 'down below' (only the contractions), so I could still push the baby out myself (and gain a second-degree tear to bargain!)

All in all it was a very traumatic and stressful day for me and hubby, but we got there in the end!! The end result was definitely worth it, she's gorgeous... had some problems breast-feeding in the beginning, Elise lost too much weight, so having to express milk + do bottle feeding as well. Seems to be doing the job, as she's put all the weight back on... right, I'm off to have a nap now!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

she's here!!

v.quick msg to say that baby elise was born on tuesday at 17.19 and weighs 8lbs.... more news soon.....

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Due Date Cometh

Well, it's the 12th September! Have been having slight pains every 20-25mins since about 5.30am, but pretty slight (hence the blogging!). Trying not to get my hopes up too much, as I've been having twinges for over 3 weeks now (but if it IS the Real Thing, god, I need to wash and blow-dry my hair, I look like shit)...I'll keep you posted...

After my naughty little indulgence of book-buying the other day, have stumbled upon this rather good idea for geeks like me who feel the need to catalogue their book collection. Something else to waste my time on no doubt...

New addition to the blogroll: Sigla.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

After the excitement of yesterday's twinges, all is very quiet and has been overnight. :o( Come out baby!!

Despite my resolution to use the library more (which I have been sticking to... haven't bought any books for ages), I am seriously tempted to stock up on's very very discount paperbacks of brand new hardbacks... they have the new Salman Rushdie, Zadie Smith, Kate Mosse, and Kazuo Ishiguro all at massive discounts (as they kindly point out, I'd be saving £36 on the new hardback price)... how very dare they! aah what to do?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Is this it?

Well, things might just be a-happening...hardly slept due to crampy pains coming on at 3.30am. On and off, nothing regular tho. Then it turned into one massive crampy pain that lasted hours. Now it's back to intermittent but not regular. Aargh just bloody get on with it!! Hubby is on standby at work just in case! Must remember to wash my hair before I go to the hospital (if we ever get to that stage!) as at the moment it looks like a greasy mop. Mmm nice.

Just for Billy!: It is thought that around one fifth of pregnant women take some form of raspberry leaf. Women believe that it will shorten labour and make the birth easier.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Still here. Feeling much better about last week's 'events'. Nothing to report on the baby front, aside from some crampy pains on and off (but definitely more off than on!). Starting to feel a bit fed up now, just want the baby here. Am taking raspberry leaf tablets in the hope of preparing my 'insides' for the big day, but so far nothing much happening. Watch this space...

Friday, September 02, 2005

Well it's finally happened for my nanna... was very upset yesterday, but feeling a bit better today. At least she's not in pain or suffering any more. Just a bit hard to deal with when you can't go there or to the funeral. No one would expect me to, of course, but I have felt a bit out of it stuck down here. Just have to concentrate on baby now... Thanks for all the kind words. Weird how when you are waiting for a heppy event, something horrible like this steps in the way. C'est la vie, I suppose...