Monday, August 15, 2005

Small Island

Have just finished "Small Island" by Andrea Levy. This book takes the unusual area (in literature, anyway) of Jamaican migrants to London just after WWII as its' backdrop, and as such was a fascinating insight into the minds of the characters. Having also read Trevor Phillips' Windrush book some years ago, the way in which the novel includes the tales of Jamaican servicemen in the RAF and the racism prevalent at the time is highly poignant. I really enjoyed the writing, and the characterisation, and would certainly consider reading other books by Andrea Levy.

Some lateral thinking puzzles [courtesy of Diamond Geezer]. Quite perplexing, especially since I am not very good at them...

Salman Rushdie on the need to reform Islam.

Have a spare 125 grand? Buy a Bulgarian villa on e-bay!


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