Thursday, August 11, 2005


God, where has the week gone? Sorry about the lack of posts, not been doing anything tremendously taxing or exciting, just taking it easy. Managed to get to my first antenatal class today (after the debacle of going last week and ending up on the verge of tears because no one else was there... they told me the wrong time!). It was nice to meet other people, and learn some useful stuff about positions for labour etc. After midwife's recommendation of the utility of a birthing ball for encouraging the baby into the optimal foetal position, I rushed to Argos afterwards and bought one. Sadly there is some discrepancy between the port of the ball and the nozzle of my bicycle pump, so it's going to take me all bloody day to fill it up! Still, I probably need the exercise...;op

Time is really flying now. Had an appointment with the obstetrician the other day, all is well. Only surprising thing was that he said my date of 18th Sept may not be right (it was originally 12th, but the GP changed it to 18th on account of my "funny periods"), so now I'm back to the 12th September again. One month tomorrow... aargh!

The Booker Prize long list [via Pete]

JK Rowling gets hot under the collar.


At 10:04 am, Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Good luck if you're blowing your ball up with a bicycle pump! Mine took 10 minutes to inflate even with an electric pump...

I've not heard of people using them as birthing balls before - but it sounds like a good idea. I find it's brilliant for sitting on while workingon the laptop - it puts my spine into the correct position and stops lower back pain from poor posture developing.

At 11:05 am, Blogger michelle said...

yeah most hospitals have them now as birthing balls. They are surprisingly comfortable, and like you say I'll be able to use it a bit afterards.

At 11:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:08 am, Blogger michelle said...

Thanks for the comment. Not sure I can understand your blog, but I had a look anyway!


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