Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Final Countdown

No news to report as of yet! Still having 'funny' pains (that's funny peculiar Billy, not funny haha) but nothing particularly regular, so I guess it could be a way off yet. The waiting game has definitely begun. Every morning I wake up and think am I in labour yet? Obviously, if you have to have that thought then you're probably not, but it's a thought nonetheless. Am feeling extremely tired these days, so to be able to move around a bit more freely will be a boon. Soon come.


At 9:32 am, Blogger H said...

loads and loads of luck with it, have you been watching 'he's having a baby'?

At 9:03 pm, Anonymous Blue Witch said...

*wonders whether no news is good news*?

At 9:34 am, Blogger michelle said...

have caught a couple of those 'he's having a baby' shows... funny that when you're waiting to have your own baby, everything you see seems to be about the same thing!


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