Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Monday Mourning

Just finished Monday Mourning, by Kathy Reichs. Having never read anything by this author, I was intrigued to discover more about forensic anthropology (the other job of the author, and the job of the main character). This book was a fascinating insight into the investigative process, and really shifted up the gears towards the end. I will definitely look towards reading more books by Ms Reichs in the future. Next on the list: PD James - Death in Holy Orders.

Feeling a bit like a spare part at the minute, as my grandma is pretty sick in intensive care miles away. She was taken ill all of a sudden on Friday night, had an operation on Sunday, but her intestines have perforated and there's pretty much nothing left of them. They have turned off her ventilator today, and are just going to let things run their natural course. Trying to stay busy and strong for baby, but quite difficult at times. :o(

Sunday, August 28, 2005


No, sadly no news is not good news, or any news come to that. Nothing to report! Still bouncing on my birth-ball, willing baby to come! Still having the same twinges and stuff, but no signs of anything more than that. Keep telling myself that I'm only 38 weeks (and that's from tomorrow!) so it could be a little while yet. Please cross your fingers that it's not another 4 weeks tho aargh!

The even more frustrating thing is that my GP is obsessed by my weight gain and my (abundant) stratchmarks, and when you've had a history of an eating disorder that's not exactly what you want to hear. She looked at me with pity last week as she said 'yes, but you've put on three stone'... yes, but health-wise everything is fine dear GP, so please stop mentioning it!! Typical that I of all people get the GP who's obsessed with appearance and weight gain! Keep telling myself that I only need to see her another two or three times (as at the late stage you need to go every week), and then it's all over. I suspect she might not have any children of her own!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Final Countdown

No news to report as of yet! Still having 'funny' pains (that's funny peculiar Billy, not funny haha) but nothing particularly regular, so I guess it could be a way off yet. The waiting game has definitely begun. Every morning I wake up and think am I in labour yet? Obviously, if you have to have that thought then you're probably not, but it's a thought nonetheless. Am feeling extremely tired these days, so to be able to move around a bit more freely will be a boon. Soon come.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Still here

Sorry for lack of updates. My mum is staying this week, and I'm absolutely exhausted! Also having some 'funny pains'... watch this space!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Happy 500

This is the 500th post on this blog. Have I really taken up your time with 500 episodes of random burblings and nonsense? I do apologise.

Yet another book review (well, I am on maternity leave, what else d'you expect me to do?!): this time, "The Secrets of The Baby Whisperer" by Tracy Hogg. Obviously I won't know the true value of having read this book for another few weeks / months, but suffice to say there are some really good ideas in there, and some I'll definitely be putting in to practice very soon. She's keen on routines for babies, but not of the timetabled clock-watching type (a la Gina Ford), more 'flexible routines', which definitely appeals to me. The approach is nice because it's very respectful of the baby, something which seems to be lacking in some parents' households (ie. those of the Trisha-generation). A great book, but like I say, I'll know how useful it is in a few weeks' time!

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[via Pete]

Monday, August 15, 2005

Small Island

Have just finished "Small Island" by Andrea Levy. This book takes the unusual area (in literature, anyway) of Jamaican migrants to London just after WWII as its' backdrop, and as such was a fascinating insight into the minds of the characters. Having also read Trevor Phillips' Windrush book some years ago, the way in which the novel includes the tales of Jamaican servicemen in the RAF and the racism prevalent at the time is highly poignant. I really enjoyed the writing, and the characterisation, and would certainly consider reading other books by Andrea Levy.

Some lateral thinking puzzles [courtesy of Diamond Geezer]. Quite perplexing, especially since I am not very good at them...

Salman Rushdie on the need to reform Islam.

Have a spare 125 grand? Buy a Bulgarian villa on e-bay!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


God, where has the week gone? Sorry about the lack of posts, not been doing anything tremendously taxing or exciting, just taking it easy. Managed to get to my first antenatal class today (after the debacle of going last week and ending up on the verge of tears because no one else was there... they told me the wrong time!). It was nice to meet other people, and learn some useful stuff about positions for labour etc. After midwife's recommendation of the utility of a birthing ball for encouraging the baby into the optimal foetal position, I rushed to Argos afterwards and bought one. Sadly there is some discrepancy between the port of the ball and the nozzle of my bicycle pump, so it's going to take me all bloody day to fill it up! Still, I probably need the exercise...;op

Time is really flying now. Had an appointment with the obstetrician the other day, all is well. Only surprising thing was that he said my date of 18th Sept may not be right (it was originally 12th, but the GP changed it to 18th on account of my "funny periods"), so now I'm back to the 12th September again. One month tomorrow... aargh!

The Booker Prize long list [via Pete]

JK Rowling gets hot under the collar.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Blog personality?

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tuesday bits + bobs

Feeling increasingly drained of energy these days. Still, managed to get out and about at the weekend, Saturday to Brent Cross shopping centre (I forgot the horrors of Saturday shopping!) and Sunday to Hampstead Heath for a waddle up Parliament Hill. Really loved the new 'sculpture' of the giant table and chair there, going back next week with the camera for a closer look.

Donate some money.

Stuff Nick Hornby's been reading.

The Guardian on Bookcrossing.

The educated holiday read (and not a Da Vinci code in sight)

The National Archives reveal that George Orwell was under Special Branch Surveillance for more than 12 years [download the document, it's free, and well worth a look]

Monday, August 01, 2005

Three Stories

Last week I finished reading "Three Stories" by Alan Bennett. This was my first foray into the wry wit of Bennett, and hopefully will not be the last. The three tales in one volume are actually novellas. The first one, "The Laying on of Hands" is about the memorial service of a man who was a masseur to all and sundry (famous people, ordinary folk, even including the priest) and what happens when the service gets a bit out of hand. The second story was "The Clothes They Stood Up In", which I think was my favourite. It tells of a middle aged couple who arrive home one day to find their apartment completely empty of their belongings, and the way their mindset changes as a result. The final story is "Father! Father! Burning Bright", another fantastic story of a man whose father is dying in a hospital, and the family's reactions to it as they come and visit (as a nurse, I found this one particularly amusing!). This book is in a word FABULOUS. The writing is superb, the characterisation enviably succinct and well-formed. You read a few sentences and you're hooked straight in there. If only I could write half as well as Mr B, I could die a happy woman.

Interestingly, the chap at SWSL has just reviewed Writing Home, which also looks a treat.