Monday, July 04, 2005

Piper at the Gates of Dawn

I'm up at the crack of dawn yet again (another 6.30 start!), so here I am blogging...

The Jamiroquai concert last night was fab, good party atmosphere, snazzy lights and quality music. He always does a good live show, I saw him live abut 8 years ago in Finsbury Park and was suitably impressed then. Bump seemed to enjoy it too! Further impressed ourselves by managing to navigate the route to Clapham in the car from home as well (our furthest expedition yet).

The return of Jackanory (hurrah!)

The author of the brilliant Wild Swans, Jung Chang, has written a new biography of Mao.

Truly shocking: The Times reports that 1 child in 10 has carried a gun in the last year. But are these young boys just saying they have done so to increase their 'street-cred', or is the figure correct?


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