Friday, July 08, 2005

I've arrived

After the shock and horror that was yesterday, it's good to see London getting back to some semblance of normality.

Ian McEwan's take on yesterday's events.

I've arrived: today for one and a half hours only, I had my own stalker. From Istanbul, no less. It started with a phone call to the mobile, which I answered, not looking at the number. I politely told the man that I thought he had the wrong number and hung up, and thought nothing more of it. Then it rang again. Then the texts started ...

Text 1. 11.56am "Hello Im sorry what you name please? I from turkey, Istanbul. My name ceka"
Text 2. 11.59am "You come nothing last year holiday Turkey?"
Text 3. 12.14pm "Please healp me. sweet girl please."
Text 4. 12.33pm "This playn finish. Im last year you photo see. and I like you because you are beautiful. and Be come I want you friend. because Im lover to you. ok. answer."
Text 5. 12.36pm "Yes I know you please understand me. please"
Text 6. 12.47pm "Please to you in need. understand me. and I love you"
Text 7. 12.55pm "Im not be mistaken. I know this number correct because this number my english friend give. ok. please for me you you you all."
Text 8. 13.05pm "Please answer. sweet girl."
Text 9. 13.18pm "you you you always. because I LOVE YOU. all i think you. please you say ok. and answer me my sms."

Plus 14 missed calls. Phew. He's one sad f*cker! If someone tells you you've got the wrong number, get the hint laddie!


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...eeek, bit scary :^(...



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