Saturday, July 02, 2005


Due to hubby's fab new job, we have managed to get on the guest list for tomorrow's Jamiroquai (and others) outdoor festival type thing at Clapham Common. If I manage to stay awake long enough to be able to go, this will be my first proper night out in months!

For some unknown reason, at 4am this morning I was wide awake. I put the radio on, got a couple of biscuits and went back to bed. Hubby was very surprised to see me sat upright, bright eyed and bushy tailed at ten past 5 when he rolled in from work! Feel a tad sleepy now tho ...


At 7:24 pm, Anonymous Keris said...

Oh god, that used to happen to me all the time! There's nothing you can do, you just have to embrace it. Get some good books, snacks, DVDs.

And - and I know everyone will say this - appreciate this time alone, because soon you won't have any.

(Speaking as a person who has just realised she has absolutely no life of her own anymore!)

At 6:18 am, Blogger michelle said...

mmm good advice! I've heard a lot of people say this!!


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