Friday, June 17, 2005


I'm back Back BACK! Had a nice time in Kosovo, weather was a bit weird, very very hot in the beginning, then like winter for a week (got the flu + a temperature) and then very very hot at the end. Global warming, anyone?

Yes, thanks Billy, I am bigger and fatter than pre-holiday, must be all those Kosovan cheesy pies! All is well with mum + baby, and baby seems to be doing her own version of the Amarillo dance most of the time.

Jammy Hubby has managed to get another job without even trying, someone rang him out of the blue yesterday and said they had a job for him. That has never happened to me! Anyway, he starts said job on Monday, and we are having a free night out tonight to have a look at the place (it's a gig venue, but he will be doing the daytime admin).

Only have the weekend and then I'm off on my travels yet again, only to Newcastle this time. Meeting the other Weeble Ladies tomorrow for lunch and another pedicure (as reaching as far as my feet is becoming a tad tricky these days!).

Almost finished The American Boy, and am enjoying it very much. Can certainly recommend it!


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