Sunday, April 24, 2005

Yesterday's jaunt out

My vicar-friend came down to London from Birmingham yesterday, and as usual, we decided to catch some jazz somewhere. Usually we go to the Festival Hall, but for a change, we decided to go to Ronnie Scott's for an afternoon of free jazz. We took our seats with the realisation that most music venues are actually quite shabby in the cold light of day. As the place was still filling up, we caught up on some gossip, only to be told (along with the rest of the room) by a man who bore an uncanny resemblance to Dennis Norden that this first part was a "listening recital" could we all please stop talking and listen to the records being played. After half an hour or so of "listening" (ahem), the band came on stage. Now I like a bit of jazz, but don't claim to know loads about it, but what they played was a little bit weird... it was like normal big band jazz but with a small choir singing religious music along with it. Very odd, and I didn't quite get it (although the music was really good).

Anyway, after an hour of that, we decided to grab an afternoon cake in Maison Bertaux. We managed to squeeze on a table with a rather interesting-looking Italian man with very long dreadlocks who was furiously altering a musical score, and who also, incidentally, asked us how to spell "ear".

After a quick jaunt round the National and Portrait Galleries, we headed off to Covent Garden for a bite to eat, and a proper catch-up of the gossip we weren't allowed to say in Ronnie Scott's. Upon arriving back home, I went to bed (listening to Dr Pam) at 9.30!


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