Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Queen is Dead

How bloody annoying - have just sat with my finger on redial for 40 minutes, trying to get through to Ticketmaster to buy Queen + Paul Rodgers tickets. Hubby was redialling Wembley Arena direct. I finally got through, and then they said 'oh no, there's no tickets left'! AARGH!

Will have to make do with the Tsunami concert on BBC 1 tonight instead. Hhmph.

Nice blog found via Blog Explosion.

Disturbing reading about the teenage killer who was obsessed with the occult.

Waterstone's blogger sacked for satirising his boss in his weblog.

Today's Albanian word is me gjetë: to find.


At 7:27 pm, Blogger scientist said...

Man, the occult creeps me out.

I couldn't help but notice this quote from one of those articles though, it said:

"In an essay denying the existence of God, submitted five months before he killed Jodi, Mitchell wrote: 'If you ask me, God is just a futile excuse at most for a bunch of fools to go around annoying others who want nothing to do with him.

'Are these people insane? People like you need Satanic people like me to keep the balance. Once you shake hands with the Devil you then have truly experienced life.'"

How could you "sell your soul" to Satan and believe there is no God? Even Satan believes in God.

At 8:47 pm, Blogger puppetdude said...

The tsunami concert is on channel 5

At 6:03 pm, Blogger michelle said...

yeah it was on channel 5, I actually watched it on some weird BBC digital channel, wherever that was...


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