Thursday, January 27, 2005

Music, music, music

Everyone else is doing this so, hey, why not...

1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
34.46 Gigabytes, or 7324 songs. They're both mine + hubby's, although a sizeable proportion are mine.

2. The cd you last bought is:
God, I haven't bought a CD for so long...I actually can't remember.

3. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?
"All of My Love" by Led Zeppelin. Hubby was playing it and reminiscing about his youth!

4. Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.
1. "Lucky Man" by The Verve.
2. "Lilac Wine" by jeff Buckley.
3. "5 Variants of Dives and Lazarus" by Vaughan Williams (classical, I know, but rather fabulous).
4."Life on Mars" by David Bowie.
5. "Just Another" by Pete Yorn.

5. Who are you going to pass this stick to? (3 persons) and why?
hmm.. anyone who'll have it! Pete, H, and Kelly maybe (who doesn't have a blog, but who can answer in the comments section!).

6. Your favorite song with the name of a city in the title or text:
Got to be "London Calling" by the Clash.

A song you've listened to repeatedly when you were depressed at some point in your life:
Hmm... maybe "Venus as a Boy" by Bjork, after a particularly nasty break-up many moons ago.

Ever bought an entire album just for one song and wound up disliking everything but that song? Gimme that song:
Well, as far as downloading albums goes, the most recent one that comes to mind is The Rasmus.

Your least favourite song on one of your favourite albums of all time:
Columbia, on Definitely Maybe by Oasis.

A song you like by someone you find physically unattractive or otherwise repellent:
The Ace of Spades, Motorhead.

Your favourite song that has expletives in it that's not by Liz Phair:
"What a Waster" by the Libertines.

A song that sounds as if it's by someone British but isn't:
Ooh god, can't think of anything.

A song you like (possibly from your past) that took you forever to finally locate a copy of:
Hmm not sure this is a problem anymore, thanks to t'internet.

A song that reminds you of summer but doesn't mention summer at all:
Don't Look Back in Anger, Oasis.

A song that sounds to you like being happy feels:
There she Goes, by the La's.

Your favorite song from a non-soundtrack compilation album:

A song that reminds you of high school:
"Sweet Child O'Mine" by Guns + Roses. I remember my mum writing me a "sick note" so I could go and see Waxl et al in Gateshead Stadium with me chums when I was a mere 14. Aah happy days!

A song that reminds you of college:
Anything from the Leftfield first album.

A song you actually like by an artist you otherwise dislike:
That Craig David + Sting one... forgot the name, but it's not that bad.

A song by a band that features three or more female members:
"Pretend We're Dead" - L7.

One of the earliest songs that you can remember listening to:
"Super Trouper" by ABBA.

A song you've been mocked by friends for liking:
Hahaha when I was at school and liked my punk music, pretty much everyone mocked me!

A really good cover version you think no one else has heard:
"Heard it on the Grapevine" by The Slits.

A song that has helped cheer you up (or empowered you somehow) after a breakup or otherwise difficult situation:
Oh probably What a Waster again! Suitable for all the world's ills. :op


At 11:14 am, Blogger H said...

hehe that is really funny i just came to here via blog explosion. It is a small world, I'll fill in the questionaire and put it on my site, i was only going to do if someone told me to.

At 11:38 am, Blogger michelle said...

hehe ok i'll check it out

At 8:46 pm, Blogger peter said...

I can't do it, it's too hard.


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