Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Did another shift in charge at work yesterday - there was trouble brewing in the air, fortunately which never came to fruition. There was one woman who had horrendously low blood sugar in the morning and took over an hour to resolve, despite the attempts of two big-needle-wielding people stabbing away at her trying to get some glucose into her. Joining the happy throng of potential problems was a rather large gentleman who believed he needed a complete heart and lung transplant and a total body blood transfusion (AKA totally-bonkers-syndrome). The day passed without major problem, although every time you're in charge you always feel it'll tip over the edge into total carnage. Can someone remind me why I've applied for that promotion (which means more shifts in charge?!!)

Am currently reading (and rather enjoying) Layer Cake. I haven't seen the film (yet), but the book is really rather good. Hubby bought it for me as he says I always like yhe book better than the film, so he bought me the book. I like its Cockney-geezer-lilt, the language is fabulous (lots of top rhyming-slang: "feeling like a paraffin lamp waking among the dustbins")

Had a good time in Nottingham - had a look around the town, explored the hotel room (ha!), had a nice meal, and then while hubby went to work, I went to bed and watched Bridget Jones. Unfortunately due to the fact that the hotel was opposite the student union, I didn't get much sleep, and ended up being wide awake at 4am eating cheesy chips.

The Mother is coming to stay on Wednesday, which calls for some industrial cleaning on the cards for this afternoon. *sigh*


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