Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Had a little night out last night - went to see The Forgotten. It started off pretty well - the story of a woman who is seeing a therapist because she can't get over the death of her son, but then there is doubt as to whether she ever really had a son, or is she just delusional. It all went a bit channel 5 in the second half, with people flying into the sky and bizarre chase sequences. The evening was rounded off nicely by a hearty dinner.

Only two shopping weekends to Xmas aargh!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

After mustering up the enthusiasm to apply for a promotion at work and getting an interview, I was informed yesterday that in fact the interview has been cancelled. Not just for me, fortunately, but for everyone who applied, until further notice. Just great.

Hubby has now ceased employment, which seemed fun at first but now I am the main 'bread winner' (as my mother would say) it's a tad scary, especially with Xmas on the horizon. As previously mentioned, can we postpone Xmas please?!

How fast can you whack the sack? I managed 303mph!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Did a bit of Xmas shopping on Wednesday... well, window-shopping really, as I didn't actually buy anything. I'm really stumped for what to get people this year. Hubby is easy (DVDs of course), dad is normally happy with a book of some description, although which one this year is posing a right problem...

Since I am having to work almost right over Xmas AND new year, I think Xmas should be cancelled, or at the very least postponed!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Did another shift in charge at work yesterday - there was trouble brewing in the air, fortunately which never came to fruition. There was one woman who had horrendously low blood sugar in the morning and took over an hour to resolve, despite the attempts of two big-needle-wielding people stabbing away at her trying to get some glucose into her. Joining the happy throng of potential problems was a rather large gentleman who believed he needed a complete heart and lung transplant and a total body blood transfusion (AKA totally-bonkers-syndrome). The day passed without major problem, although every time you're in charge you always feel it'll tip over the edge into total carnage. Can someone remind me why I've applied for that promotion (which means more shifts in charge?!!)

Am currently reading (and rather enjoying) Layer Cake. I haven't seen the film (yet), but the book is really rather good. Hubby bought it for me as he says I always like yhe book better than the film, so he bought me the book. I like its Cockney-geezer-lilt, the language is fabulous (lots of top rhyming-slang: "feeling like a paraffin lamp waking among the dustbins")

Had a good time in Nottingham - had a look around the town, explored the hotel room (ha!), had a nice meal, and then while hubby went to work, I went to bed and watched Bridget Jones. Unfortunately due to the fact that the hotel was opposite the student union, I didn't get much sleep, and ended up being wide awake at 4am eating cheesy chips.

The Mother is coming to stay on Wednesday, which calls for some industrial cleaning on the cards for this afternoon. *sigh*

Saturday, November 13, 2004

nottingham it is!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Hubby is working in Nottingham, and I thought I had my Saturday sorted out - That Yoga Show business.. til he asked if I want to go to Nottingham tomorrow and stay the night, coming back Sunday. I am so crap at making last-minute decisions, why did he wait til tonight to ask?!! So the choice is Yoga or Nottingham? yoga or nottingham...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Found this weblog on my evening's browsing... nice.

Been a busy little bee - applying for keyworker homebuying scheme, applying for promotion at work, working on the novel (well, sort of.. have come to a bit of a slump with that!)...

Hubby will be back in Nottingham for another 3 days tomorrow, so I'll be all on me tod again. Still, not much time to fret, as am working 13hr shifts tomorrow + day after (what joy!) and then am off to the Yoga Show on Saturday...

Monday, November 08, 2004

For some reason, hubby decided to stay up all night playing his guitar, which kept me awake... so here I am, up and about at 7am (but been awake since 5am!) on my day off as well. May as well get on with The Novel (esp. since I haven't done any for 3 days aargh!)... or might just have a little nap ...

Looking forward to tonight, as I'm having a long-awaited trip to Wagamama.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Been busy with NaNoWriMo planning and now the writing has begun, have even less time to write here!

The election day has come... I am feeling a bit cynical about the whole thing, like both candidates are pretty similar (in terms of international policy), but fingers crossed it's not Mr Bush...