Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Back in Sunny London Town... for some reason work is busier than ever lately (hence the lack of posting). Managed to have a bit of a TV debut on City Hospital yesterday, only in the background mind you, as I declined to have a speaking part. All added a bit of interest to the day, anyway!

Had a fab time oop North, made even better by having a Peter Kay DVD waiting for me when I got home.

Oh and shock, horror, hubby has handed his notice in at work. Not surprised actually, as he's been right fed up with it for ages now. Working a 60-70hr week and not knowing your days off until on the day sometimes would get anyone down.

Hurrah! Am off for the next couple of days, and so is hubby. Having a trip out to Borehamwood tomorrow, to a) visit a friend, and b) survey the land as a possible prospective place to buy a house.


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