Friday, September 17, 2004

Post-Holiday Blues

Well, I'm back... had a fabulous time. Weather was hot Hot HOT! About 30 degrees every day, unfortunately only going down to about 24 at night. However, due to my being a bit over-zealous with the Factor 30, I have little in the way of a colour change.

Salina is a beautiful small island off the northern coast of Sicily. The island is very quiet, there being not much in the way of nighlife, and pretty much everything is closed by 10pm. However, there were a few nice restaurants, and some fabulous scenery to take in. The best ways to see the island that we found were to hire a "machinetta", a sort of 2-seater scooter (I even had a go at driving it! which was rather nerve-wracking, since Sicily has the world's worst roads and drivers), and also hiring a boat to do a lap of the island. The boat we hired was little more than an oversized dinghy with an engine and a steering wheel, which hubby loved... think it's a boy-wants-to-be-James-Bond blokie thing... The boat trip got a bit scary when we encountered some larger-than-expected waves, and being nothing in sight but the sea and some rather craggy cliffs (no other boats or people visible on the coastline), I have to say I was a bit scared! However, we passed through that bit and found a nice quiet coast with lots of yachts and caught some sun from there.

More writing (and photos too when Hotmail allows me to upload them!) to follow... suffice it to say that we had a truly fabulous holiday, lots of relaxation, peace and quiet.


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