Monday, August 02, 2004

That Planning for Emergencies leaflet (sort of).

I think I may have IBS. Have had a "dicky tum" for what must be months now, on and off. My dad has it, and it certainly sounds pretty similar. Will make doctor's appointment today I think. This website was quite helpful. My abdomen currently feels like if i stick a pin in it, it will pop. A tad unconfortable you could say.

Feel like I have one million things to do today: need to confirm holiday to Sicily and pay for it (always helps), need to catch up with my friend for lunch, pick up a rather swish dress I ordered in Jigsaw (it's fab), go to health food shop for peppermint capsules (supposed to help dicky tums), fit some studying in somehow, and go to Post Office and Bank (more difficult than it sounds, being that I live in London, the capital city, where banks are in extremely short supply). Also need to sort out some wedding rings this week. Have spotted a couple of nice ones, but need hubby to have a look as well. OK not one million things exactly, but a fair few.


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