Sunday, August 22, 2004

A mere 10 days to go til the wedding, and 15 days til the holiday to Sicily. Just thought I'd point that out, as a close friend of mine who reads here says she thought I was being super-organised and was planning the wedding for NEXT September! No, lady, it's soon!!

Excitement is setting in! Unfortunately, while I'm there, I'm going to have to do some revision for the exam, which is on the 11th October ... as I haven't even finished the last essay yet, and that won't leave much time for revising. Still, I intend to do some relaxing holiday reading as well - everyone seems to be raving about that Da Vinci Code book, so that might be a possible must-take.

Still need to finish off the shopping for a) the wedding (yes, leaving it a bit late, I know), and b) the holiday... things still left to buy include: wedding jewellery and handbag, sarong, beach towels, holiday reading matter, shirt and tie for hubby's wedding outfit (yes, I know..I have been "mentioning" it for ages!), and possibly some flip-flops. Hmm.. time is running out!


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