Thursday, July 29, 2004

Where did the week go?! I'm back in London now, and it seems we're having a tropical heatwave. V. nice. Have ditched the Venice idea (as everyone says 10 days is too long, and hubby doesn't want to travel round, he just wants to stay in one place and relax!) so looking at the Aeolian Islands off Sicily now, and this hotel is fab, and pretty reasonable too. Have e-mailed them, awaiting a reply...

Other news, have two job interviews lined up... one is an assistant psychologist job (yay!) and one is a nursing job in the STD clinic. Obviously I'd prefer the AP job, and the psychologist blokey told me I am one of 8 being interviewed out of 140 applicants, so all sounds good so far. Not sure whether or not to ditch the nursing interview and just keep plugging away with the psychologist ones. I guess I just got a bit despondent what with not having any responses for ages. Hmm.. if I get that job tho, I'd probably have to change my Master's course back aargh! Not thinking about that just yet!!

Also managed to get to the gym for the first time in about one and a half to two months, so well done me hehe. That'll make up for al the nachos I've been eating lately!


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