Monday, July 19, 2004

Well, I've just about packed the suitcase ready for the expedition to Newcastle. Not exactly sure what to take, as the weather oop north is always a bit dodgy.. taking clothes for every weather eventuality just in case.
The Venice trip is not going to be a Venice trip anymore... three people have told us to NOT stay in Venice for 10 days... it's ok for short trips apparently (like 3 or 4 days max) but not 10 days. So it's all becoming a bit of a headache now... not sure if we want to spend the holiday travelling around Italy visiting about 4 different places... on one hand sounds good, but very tiring. Having a think in the meantime...
This time tomorrow, instead of LBC, I'l be nodding off to Alan Robson! Why aye pet...
Anyway... should be able to blog from The Toon, so arrivederci until the next time.


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