Monday, July 05, 2004

Two cups of twiggy tea cold is really starting to come out now. My eyes are streaming, and all my sinuses hurt. Have taken the day off work tomorrow to recuperate. Hopefully I'll be able to get some of my essay done.

The more I think about changing my course, the more I am tempted to do so. I know when I did sociology in my degree many moons ago I quite liked it, and this MA would be half social policy half criminology... sounds pretty interesting methinks. Another night's stewing on it, and I might just contact them tomorrow... sniff sniff :o(

If anyone knows of any reasonably priced, nice restaurants in London which might be suitable for my post-wedding dine-out, do let me know. Lots of ones I am looking at look lovely, but they don't do much for vegetarians. Also, my parents are offering to put me + hubby up in a nice hotel on our wedding night (since the parents will be sharing our flat with us!)... have no idea where to start with that either!


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