Sunday, July 18, 2004

Managed to catch up on some sleep and had a blissful 12hrs sleep last night. Not off to "The Toon" until Tuesday, but have mounds of washing to do before then! Also planning to squeeze in a day trip to Edinburgh, as it's only 1.5 hrs on the train from Newcastle and The Boyfriend's never been to Scotland.
Went out to dinner last night with a couple of friends and The Boyfriend... they have been to Venice (where we were thinking of going on honeymoon) and reckon that 10 days there is too long... so now we are looking at somewhere nearby we might go to see as well. Planning to stay in venice for the full 10 nights, an duse it as a base for day trips to Verona, Treviso, etc. Have picked flights, hotel and everything.. just need confirmation from The Boyfriend and will book it! Bit of a bummer that I will have to take revision to do, as I have an exam 11th October, but hey.
Now all I need to sort out wedding-wise is the rings (well you would, wouldn't you) and the dress (ditto) and we're off!


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