Friday, July 23, 2004

Here I am, blogging from Newcastle. Weather has been (mostly) marvellous, for a change. Apart from last night's torrential downpour (in which we unfortunately got trainers are still drying out), have been sunning myself in the back garden, and having coffees along the seafront in pavement cafes.

Had a little spend in Jigsaw yesterday (and yes, I do know we have Jigsaw in London!)... bought a skirt... saw another fab skirt in Whistles that could be a potential wedding-outfit... it's rich chocolate brown with sort of gold-coloured stitched flowers on it here and there... very nice. Also spotted a black mac (not a potential wedding outfit) in Karen Millen which was a rather pricey £250 but totally fab with a matching bag... watch this space!

More news from up north to follow...


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