Saturday, June 26, 2004

Survived the 75-hour week, and now I am off til Wednesday. Well, have the research job on Monday, but trying not to classify that as a job as such, especially since I'm not actually getting paid for it. Fancy a night in with a good book tonight. The selection process was painful, and since I'm already reading the Raj Persaud book, I wanted something a bit lighter. Have gone for One for My Baby by Tony Parsons, as I enjoyed his first one, and it's pretty light reading. Have bought a couple of Paul Brunton books on e-bay, so am looking forward to that. Anyone who does yoga seems to have read something by him, and raves about it.. so I thought it was time to investigate!

And call me cynical, but doesn't this have a ring of the emperor's new clothes about it? Sticky thing with a small flame coming out of it being passed round a load of minor "celebrities" [the athletes are fair enough, but Nell McAndrew and Richard Branson?? please]? Get over it.


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