Sunday, June 20, 2004

Phewee... just worked all weekend... pretty quiet, although a LOT of overdoses. All a bit sad really. One girl was only 16. All was well in the end tho.

On a lighter note, I am having some curry Doritos (highly recommended) and some wine, and rather good it is too!

Bought the Observer today, and am ploughing my way thorugh their "100 best british albums" magazine. Pleased to see the Stone Roses are at the top.. that's a fab album. Lots of my favourite albums are American (ie. Jeff Buckley) so it's hard to narrow it down to purely British ones, but the Stone Roses would probably be near the top. Along with OK Computer.

In all of these lists, The Beatles' Revolver is always the top Beatles album... I have that album, I do like it, but it's no way my favourite album of theirs. Has to be Abbey Road, which never seems to score v. highly on these lists, but hey.


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