Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Went to my first Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga class today. It wasn't meant to be mysore-style, the teacher just decided on the day to do that, rather than a led class. There was only 4 of us so we got tons of adjustments, and the class ran over to 2 hours (instead of 1.5)...methinks I might ache a wee bit tomorrow! I really enjoyed it tho, and when my gym membership expires (not until November) I will definitely look into doing more self-practise classes (maybe at Triyoga). Felt suitably relaxed and buzzing that I came home and did a couple of hours' studying! And the annoyance that is the London Underground Tube strike will not phase me! How am I supposed to get to work tomorrow? And why is it that a train driver who gets about £10,000 more than me a year thinks it's ok to strike to get more pay while I have to struggle to work to care for sick people. I can't bloody go on strike... so why should they?! Aargh! [and relaaaax!]

Monday, June 28, 2004

Best Book Ever? I'll answer my own question, shall I?!

After Billy's marvellously lengthy answer to my question about what his favourite book was, perhaps I should attempt to answer it for myself...

When I was a child, I used to love reading Enid Blyton. Not the Famous Five so much, but the Secret Seven. I think it was the "in-club" mentality that appeared to me, and also the adventurous side of life. I can still remember the realisation at around the age of 8 that life was indeed not the big af=dventure portrayed in Ms Blyton's books, and it never would be. That was a shocking realisation for an 8yr old. Maybe we should blame Ms Blyton for giving children false hope for how exciting their life should be... but then that wouldn't make for a very good story now would it?!

Like Billy, I'd have to include High Fidelity in my top few favourites... there are so many things I can relate to - the lists, the organising and re-organising of your CD collection, the general obsession with music... a very funny, readable and enjoyable book.

On a completely different note, I also really loved A Suitable Boy. At almost 1500 pages long and said to be the longest written work in the English language, it's not exactly handbag-friendly, but I really couldn't put this book down. It's a fascinating tale of a million and one characters, all interesting and unique, arranged marriage, religious feuds, and also a potted history of the relationship between India and Pakistan. A truly beautiful book, one which I must read again soon (time permitting!). If you haven't read this, you simply must.

My all-time favourite book is a bit of a "compilation" - it's A Capote Reader, a collection of works by Truman Capote. This book has everything you could wish for and more - short stories, travel writing, novellas (including Breakfast at Tiffany's), and written portraits of famous people the author was friends with at the time (like Marilyn Monroe). I just love the way he writes, and the characters he writes about. Magical. I still have yet to read "In Cold Blood", his journalistic book about the true story of a murder, but it's sitting on my bookshelf in anticipation!

Books I haven't enjoyed (or indeed finished) include Lord of the Rings (read about a third of it, but then I just felt it was getting pointless... needless to say I haven't indulged in any of the film offerings), and Captain Correlli's Mandolin (read over half, but just couldn't get away with it, and again I never watched the film for that reason).

Books I own which I feel that I should read sometime in my lifetime: James Joyce's Ulysses (tried to read it once, but life got in the way, and I wasn't able to give it my undivided attention, which I think it deserves), Kafka's The Trial, and The Satanic Verses (if only to see what all the fuss was about), and a Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (I hate science fiction, but people always say this is more of a comic novel than a sci-fi book).

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Survived the 75-hour week, and now I am off til Wednesday. Well, have the research job on Monday, but trying not to classify that as a job as such, especially since I'm not actually getting paid for it. Fancy a night in with a good book tonight. The selection process was painful, and since I'm already reading the Raj Persaud book, I wanted something a bit lighter. Have gone for One for My Baby by Tony Parsons, as I enjoyed his first one, and it's pretty light reading. Have bought a couple of Paul Brunton books on e-bay, so am looking forward to that. Anyone who does yoga seems to have read something by him, and raves about it.. so I thought it was time to investigate!

And call me cynical, but doesn't this have a ring of the emperor's new clothes about it? Sticky thing with a small flame coming out of it being passed round a load of minor "celebrities" [the athletes are fair enough, but Nell McAndrew and Richard Branson?? please]? Get over it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Oh and, like, what happened to the summer?

Having a day off from the yoga - did some Pilates instead. Managed to get through a whole night shift with no Diet Cokes! Must be a world record for me ;o) Had about 3 cups of tea, but hey nobody's perfect, and they were green teas! Having a rethink re: the macrobiotics thing... I think it's pretty difficult to stick to it rigidly, but I am going to try to take some of the principles from it at least. Bidding for this book on e-bay, which looks like it has nice veggie recipies in it.

Anyway... must go and try to cook up an interesting meal with the contents of my fridge before I go to work [ie. brown rice, butternut squash and numerous other vegetables!]...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Managed a full primary series today (with David Swenson video). Omitted the vinyasas in between poses, as it's been a while, and I need to build it up again. Feel suitably relaxed now!

Just booked the tickets to go to sunny Newcastle in July! Haven't been back since Xmas, so it'll be nice to have a break and see everyone again. Hope the weather's ok! Bargain tickets at £34 each!

Start a run of 4 nights tonight... I'm not going to make any comment! Let's just hope it's fairly quiet, as I need to get some Open University studying done! Oh and does anyone know where you can buy those "eye masks" like you wear on long flights to block out the light... we have white curtains in our bedroom, which, when trying to sleep during the day in high summer, are a tad irritating!

Monday, June 21, 2004

Aww shit... I just finished off those curry Doritos!

Have been feeling a bit run-down over the past few weeks, and have had digestive problems... have decided to have a bit of a revamp of the old diet, and try "macrobiotics". I am already vegetarian, so some parts of it won't be too difficult. But cutting back on cheese might be! No more curry Doritos for the next few weeks! I do tend to turn to sweets and fizzy (albeit diet) drinks when I am tired, so hopefully this can erase some bad habits. Probably the week you are on nights is not the best time to start something like this but beggars can;t be choosers right? So today is day one of the great macrobiotic experiment... care to join in?

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Phewee... just worked all weekend... pretty quiet, although a LOT of overdoses. All a bit sad really. One girl was only 16. All was well in the end tho.

On a lighter note, I am having some curry Doritos (highly recommended) and some wine, and rather good it is too!

Bought the Observer today, and am ploughing my way thorugh their "100 best british albums" magazine. Pleased to see the Stone Roses are at the top.. that's a fab album. Lots of my favourite albums are American (ie. Jeff Buckley) so it's hard to narrow it down to purely British ones, but the Stone Roses would probably be near the top. Along with OK Computer.

In all of these lists, The Beatles' Revolver is always the top Beatles album... I have that album, I do like it, but it's no way my favourite album of theirs. Has to be Abbey Road, which never seems to score v. highly on these lists, but hey.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Feel really fed up at the thought of working all weekend AND starting four nights from Tuesday aarrghhhh (that seems to be the word for today!)

Have just popped another job application in the post, and have seven more on the list to be completed. Aargh. I hate filling in job application forms. Gone are the days when you could just mail out a million copies of your CV to all and sundry and get an interview in return. I am hoping that by flooding the job market for psychology assistant jobs I will at least get one job out of it. Have so far sent five off this week. Fingers crossed!

Quelle surprise, we didn't manage to book the wedding yesterday.. aargh! Today is my last day off this week (been nice, had 4 and a half days off!), not looking forward to the coming week much, as I am working six twelve hour shifts. Yum.

Had a nice nigth out last night - started off in the King William IV pub in Kensal Green, saw Jamie Theakston, but it was rather noisy so we moved down to the Grand Union pub in Westbourne park.

Naughty naughty...haven't managed to get to the gym in over a week, and seeing as I'm on nights next week I doubt if I'll get to go then either.

Help a Newcastle student out with her research on eating and dieting:

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Might try to go and book the wedding today... if The Boyfriend (or The fiance I suppose he is now) manages to get going before 3pm... aiming for Wed 1st September... Still undecided about honeymoon - possible destinations (it will be in September) are: New York, Greek Islands, Thailand, Egypt, Italy... hard to decide! At least we are both off for today and tomorrow, so we can hopefully make some big decisions!

Managed to do four job application forms last night, so must get those off in the post as well. Fingers crossed! I just have this awful feeling I will be stuck on my ward forever and ever amen.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Have 'decided' to get back into my yoga... I used to practise ashtanga yoga six days a week for ages, and it felt good. But then life got in the way, and now I have hardly practised in over a year. Bought the John Scott DVD the other day, and practised with it once. Apart from the dodgy full vinyasa element, it looks quite good. Nice that you can choose not to do the full series and do a shortened practise if you haven't got back to that level. Was intending to go to a led class at the gym today, but can't get the motivation to go just yet... I need to up my level a bit before I go back! Bit frustrating that I can't do things that used to come easily...

Plan for today: do some yoga, then go to the park to do some studying (I know, but it has to be done!), then I am meeting up with some girls from my nursing course and we will no doubt end up in Wagamama!

Top of the wishlist: a new yoga book by Elizabeth Kadetsky

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Oh and P.S....

I didn't get that job. Thought as much.

Jesus, how annoying is this - I got up for work at 5.30am and The Boyfriend still wasn't back from work (he works as a bar manager). Now he did say he'd be late back anyway, as he had to go to another venue to pick up some keys... but usually when he says "late" it's about 5 or 6 that he gets in. Anyway, I tried to ring him when I got up, phone on answerphone. By 6.30am when I left, still no answer. A tad worried, but not over-concerned, I left for work, mobile in pocket. By the time I got to work, still no news. After discussing it with some of the girls at work, and about one million calls to my home phone and his mobile, they decided I should go back home to see if he was there... So here I am, and there he is next door, fast asleep and rather drunk, after staying at work until - 8am! How bloody irritating. He didn't phone because, err he didn't think to ring. Cheers matey... now I have to go all the fecking way back to Waterloo and finish my shift. Hhmph.

And to top it off, I am having strange referrals to my site - someone came here by typing "Am I bulimic" into a search engine, and rather worringly my site was top of the list.

*runs off to fume on the Tube

Friday, June 11, 2004

Phew! Where has this week gone?! I have only had one proper day off this week, and I spent that writing an essay... tomorrow I am off work but have a tutorial, and then I'm working on Sunday again. Aargh! Feel like perhaps I'm doing a tad too many things at the minute. Looking forward to next week when I have a few days off...

Red Ken has won again I see... good thing I reckon. I do believe that travelling by bus at least has improved in London under Ken's rule... definitely less traffic on the roads. Now if he can work hs magic on the Tube it'd be greatly appreciated (at least get them to turn the heating off on the Bakerloo line in high summer please!!).

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Impressed myself this morning by doing a double-whammy in the gym: did 1 hour of step aerobics, and 1 hour body conditioning class. Needless to say my legs hurt a little bit now. Probably will require a wheelchair tomorrow! I was sweating with the (minor) stars: this woman who used to be in Eastenders was in both classes! And very nice she was too.

Well I should get on with my essay really... started writing some for 20 minutes, but then got distracted by the internet. Aargh. Same old story!

Friday, June 04, 2004


Still no news about that job interview!

Mmm Tim Burgess....

Had the usual day at work - trying to "look after" drunken abusive people who don't appreciate it in the slightest... how rewarding! Thankfully, I now have 3 days off, and I hear the weather in London is going to be hotting up. Still have that essay to write, but hopefully I might get out in the park and catch some sun as I write it!

The Raj Persaud book is very interesting, although you do have to be conscous of who is looking over your shoulder whilst reading it on the tube. The chapter I am reading at the moment is about sexual deviancy, not exactly something you would want the man sitting next to you on the tube to think you have a specialist interest in.

Just off to have a jig around the living room to Jesus Hairdo...