Sunday, May 16, 2004

I know I said I didn't want a big fancy wedding, but how fab does this look?! And it's not out-of-the-way expensive... hmm!

Have had a nice weekend - yesterday went to the first Open University tutorial for my new course. My tutor is scarily over-qualified, he is a medical doctor, psychiatrist, a psychoanalyst and also has two PhDs... not intimidating in the slightest then! He's also very quiet, and wears snake-hipped '70s trousers. Feel like now I have actually been there I should really get on with a bit more work for it. Managed to get a bit done on nights tho, which is always nice (as you are getting paid for it!). Today I've just been catching up on sleep and managed to get to the gym. Plan for tonight - do some studying (yes really! well, if I can peel myself off the computer) and then scare myself to death by watching that Panorama programme.


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