Monday, May 31, 2004

Well, have managed to complete the block of the course I was reading for, and now I am planning for the essay. It's a very weird essay, actually it's two smaller questions. One is only 800 words... how can you possibly hope to write a good piece at Master's level in only 800 words. The question is extremely broad as well ("What is positivism?"). Hmm. I am just writing a list of things to go in the essay, and already I'm on 284 words aargh. And I am usually good at being concise (well, not here, but in other things I write!).

London is peculiarly quiet on bank holidays, well, my street is rather quiet at least. Hardly anyone around, less traffic. Has everyone gone to the seaside?

Urgh I'm tired. I know I just woke up and everything, and I know I've had 10 hours of sleep, but I'm stil tired. Have just worked all weekend, and it was rather busy indeed... have today off, but the rota-woman has kindly put me down to work Tuesday and Wednesday. Nice. [Don't forget I only work 12 and a half hour shifts! Have some pity!] nd now I am up bright and early to get cracking on my OU stuff... have a load of reading to do, a video to watch, a casette tape (remember those?) to listen to... and then an essay to write. Right! Best get on with it then!

Oh, and the ring is FAB... pictures to follow when I can manage to find some charged batteries fo rmy digital camera....

Friday, May 28, 2004

It's in the shop! The engagement ring, that is. And I'm meeting my friend at 3pm and we will go and pick it up, followed by a slap-up meal at erm Wagamamas (it's a ritual, we always go there!). And can someone please tell me why I am watching City Hospital on my day off (I can recognise all the A+E doctors and nurses!). And I wish to god they'd put me out of my misery re: that job application!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I'm ashamed to say that after a busy day at work, I am currently enjoying nothing more than an hour's mindless telly-watching in front of Hell's Kitchen. Yes, it's another reality tv show, but when you've spent the day looking after several overdoses and assaults, it's a breath of fresh (brainless) air. And from Friday, Big Brother's back...Aaah!

On a different note, this book by Raj Persaud is rather interesting. The sub-title is "Bizarre psychiatric cases and what they tell us about ourselves". So far (the first 60 pages or so) it has been fascinating - all about people who believe they are werewolves, and one man who thought that birds were talking about him. All very bizarre, but all v.interesting. Would definitely recommend it on what I've read so far.

Interesting music quiz at the Observer.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Sorry I've been a bit quiet... sadly Billy, no I've not been out celebrating, but have worked almost 60 hours in the last week... The celebrating starts here! Have been to the jeweller's today and have bought the ring - sadly can't have it for another ten bloody days aargh! It's fab tho, worth the wait! Just been to the offie to buy a nice bottle of Laurent-Perrier for this evening's entertainment! Sadly back to work tomorrow, but hey you can't have it all can you (and it's only for one day and then I've got another two days off!). Still no news on the job front, but fingers crossed!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Job interview went ok... I always find it hard to tell how successful you've been. Since the panel consisted of two psychologists and a counsellor, they didn't give much away! They said I'll find out next week... fingers crossed! The job looks really good as well.... aah! The suspense!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Job interview tomorrow.. hopelessly under-prepared for it, but wish me luck anyway!

Monday, May 17, 2004

I have a job interview! And on Thursday as well.. only just found out tonight, talk about short notice! It's for a "graduate primary care mental health worker"... snappy title eh?! Anyway, off tomorrow, might have a look in some jeweller's windows and soak up some sun...

Sunday, May 16, 2004

I know I said I didn't want a big fancy wedding, but how fab does this look?! And it's not out-of-the-way expensive... hmm!

Have had a nice weekend - yesterday went to the first Open University tutorial for my new course. My tutor is scarily over-qualified, he is a medical doctor, psychiatrist, a psychoanalyst and also has two PhDs... not intimidating in the slightest then! He's also very quiet, and wears snake-hipped '70s trousers. Feel like now I have actually been there I should really get on with a bit more work for it. Managed to get a bit done on nights tho, which is always nice (as you are getting paid for it!). Today I've just been catching up on sleep and managed to get to the gym. Plan for tonight - do some studying (yes really! well, if I can peel myself off the computer) and then scare myself to death by watching that Panorama programme.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Ooh and a mate has just rang and told me he has a spare ticket for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Forum tomorrow night.. might just go!

Feeling considerably better for having finished my nights for this month... Getting quite excited about the wedding subject - yes it's a bit last minute, but to be honest organising something 3 months ahead IS organised for me! Starting to panic a bit re: slimming down for the Big Day, but will worry about that tomorrow! Thinking of just having immediate family for ceremony, and then a meal out... I would also like to have a mini-party in a bar somewhere for friends etc, but we will see how it all progresses. Quite exciting! Thanks for all the kind comments (even from people I don't know!).. I wasn't expecting anyone to say much, so it's greatly appreciated! For those who asked, there wasn't really a big proposal, more a discussion about it perhaps being time we got round to these things after over 6 years of being together...

Thursday, May 13, 2004

I have news! I'm engaged... well sort of... don't have the ring yet, but we have decided to get married this year sometime. A la Paul McCarrtney, Liam Gallagher et al, it will probably be in Marylebone Town Hall.. .very low-key, only immediate family, possibly followed by a little holiday somewhere... ooh what to wear!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Urgh. On nights again, which explains the lack of posts this week. 2 down, 2 more to go. Feel at a bit of a loss for things to post here lately... especially since I went on holiday half of the site's visitors are not coming now! Anyway... back when I have something (vaguely) interesting to say...zzz...

Sunday, May 09, 2004

An interesting article written by a Geordie in Kosova. I can certainly vouch for the cuts in water and electricity - there was one power cut when I was there, only lasted one hour, but every night after 10pm there was no water at all. Bit of a nightmare to wash your face after a night out... had to use bottled water, bt it was certainly tricky! I can also vouch for children being more respectful towards older people, which is what it used to be like here I suppose, "respect your elders" and all that. There definitely is less street crime tho... you can walk about late at night and feel relatively safe there... not like London!

Aww bless... The Boyfriend has just popped into the supermarket on his way to work and has bought me a dark brown hair dye! Sweet!

Urgh. After a failed attempt at dying my hair a new and interesting colour (ie. to cover up the grey ones) parts of my hair are now a horrid coppery colour. I canot leave the house! Fortunately I am off work today, but must fix the situation before tomorrow night's return to work... aargh!

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Had a horrendous day at work yesterday - me, the nurse in charge and 3 agency nurses. I've nothing against agency nurses, it's just it's difficult when it's busy and you're working with people who don't know the ward (sometimes even the hospital) and you end up doing your work and half of theirs as well. Managed to get a lunch break, but no dinner break (on a 12hr shift as well!)... so the job-hunting has resumed! I can barely do this job as a normal woman, never mind a pregnant one... plus I don't think the long hours and night shifts are really ideal for the pregnant person. Not that I am, pregnant that is, but you have to plan ahead don't you. Have already applied for 2 jobs earlier in the week, and now tis time to get cracking.

Well, I've chickened out of the Blogmeet... mainly cos I don't actually 'know' anyone who's going, now Elsie and Billy aren't going. Aah maybe next time... The Boyfriend was putting a soundtrack to the video footage we took in Kosova, and unfortunately put some dramatic classical music from the Last Samurai to go along with footage from the wedding. It was awful! Sounded like everyone was about to die or something... needless to say I laughed til I cried when I watched it. But he has to do it again with better music, something more jolly!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Have just spent the day with my Finnish friend and her 7-month old baby and feel decidedly broody... maybe the time has come! It's not just today actually, but I've been feeling this way for a while now... I used to hate babies, it's weird how nature takes over! Think I might put the job-hunting on hold and start thinking seriously! But, a whole 9 months with no alcohol and no soft cheese sounds like a bit of a nightmare to me... maybe I could do without the alcohol, but no Brie! How do people do it!

Monday, May 03, 2004

Well, it's a bank holiday, as per protocol it's been raining, and unusually I'm actually off work, and the sun has just come out. Have just watched the film 21 grams with Sean Penn (that's to say I watched it with The Boyfriend and Mr Penn was in it, I didn't actually watch the film with said Mr Penn... just thought it best to clear that up). Really enjoyed the film, although you do have to concentrate, as it's totally out of sequence. Flicks back and forth in time. It's definitely the kind of film you'll get more out of on the second watch.