Friday, April 02, 2004

Well, we ended up going into town yesterday, and bought some presents for the family for when we go to Kosova in !! 10days !! (where is the time going?!)... also found myself a fab new outfit for the wedding we'll have to go to (one of The Boyfriend's friends from school) - all from Jigsaw, got a long red silky skirt, a black vest top and a little black cardi with a frill on and THE fabbest shoes: they are red velvet, pointy toe sling backs, with hand-embroidered flowers on them... totally gorgeous, and will also look fab with jeans. I'm one happy bunny! We topped the day off by coming home to watch Black Books and eat a rather yummy (if I say so myself) risotto, and The Boyfriend had some lemony salmon I did for him (in the griddle pan!).

Am contemplating the gym, but have had a headache for 2 days now, with no response from painkillers whatsoever. Hhmph. On the plus side, tomorrow is my last shift at work before I am on annual leave until the 28th of April, and it feels good! What's even better is tomorrow's shift is an early, so if the weather's nice, I might even have a stroll along the south bank after work in the afternoon (could even go to the Tate Modern). Am trying to think of nice (and after yesterday's big spend, cheap) things I can do next week when I am off work pre-holiday... Monday I have a lunch date with two old friends I used to share a flat with in West Hampstead many moons ago, but apart from that who knows. Thought I might try to go to a museum, explore a nice park... but it'll probably rain knowing my luck!

Still reading The Journals of Sylvia Plath - quite interesting, although sometimes hard to get into, as being a journal there's not always a clear story to follow. I am thinking which books I should take on holiday with me... I know that in Kosova they don't receive any English TV channels, so when everyone's sat round the telly of an evening, I thought it'd be nice if I had something good to read. My thoughts so far are Star of the Sea, as everyone seems to think it's really rather good. Apart from that, I'm stuck: I have tons of unread books, maybe a Hemingway (but haven't ever read him before, and what if I don't like it?!), maybe something I've read before (like the Secret History) and love... aah decisions, decisions...

Today's Albanian word is me perzi which means to stir.


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