Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Had a fab time in Kosova... not sure where to start really... I am planning to write a longer piece about the trip generally, but I will just put the main bits here. Lots of meeting relatives and friends of The Boyfriend, had a fantastic day trip to the mountains (I kept on wanting to sing "High on the Hills was a Lonely Goat Herd") and a lovely old town called Prizren (very old, very clean and the day was hot so we really felt like we were on holiday!). Most days started with going out for a coffee in town with The Boyfriend and his sister (in her Yugo - v.authentic!) - most places have seats outside, and waitress service. Eating out and coffees out etc are much cheaper than in London - about 1 Euro a coffee (approx. 70p). Ate lots of home-cooking, cheesy pies, cakes and salads... The Boyfriend has put on 4kgs in 2 weeks... mysteriously (thankfully) I have not put on any weight...

Took loads of photos (err about 230!) and will put them on some sort of webpage (?Yahoo type thing) very soon... trying to put some in Textamerica but for some reason it's down. Anyway.. I'm back to work tomorrow, and am doing four 13hr shifts in five days... so not a happy bunny... will post more about Kosova etc probably on Friday... any questions abot the trip can go in the comments bit and I will try to answer them!


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