Wednesday, March 17, 2004

What's going on?? Yesterday, following Red Ken's scary announcement that it is only a matter of time before we are all bombed to oblivion, there was absolute chaos on the Tube - after being told that the Bakerloo line was only going to Paddington (due to a "security check" at Edgware Rd), I tried to get the overground train from QP to Euston... no trains there either. Had to get the bus in the end, and as all Londoners will already know, this is not the most reliable method of transportation when you are in a hurry. Arrived at work a mere 20mins late, but v.stressed. And today I see that there are more "security checks" on the Bakerloo line... *sigh.

Yesterday's night shift was fairly uneventful, read a lot of the book ;o)... however, tonight is a) St Patrick's night (so more drunken head injuries than usual) and b) for some reason we are only two qualified regular staff with three agency nurses... sometimes agency nurses are fine, but sometimes they are, well to be blunt, hopeless... we had one once who fell asleep at the desk! And I'm hoping that when the other regular staff member goes on her break, I am not left in charge (aargh!)....

And like, yikes!

Today's Albanian word is me thirre which means to call.


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