Saturday, March 06, 2004

Went out last night (and miraculously not a drop of alcohol passed my lips!) to Point 101 in town. Was supposed to meet my friend C and her Portuguese fancy-man Goncalo, but the music was a bit on the loud side for making small talk with strangers so it wasn't exactly a success. As I had gone out after work (and after a 12 hour shift you're not exactly full of life and in the party mood), we were planning to go home at 11pm. Then we bumped into an old work colleague of The Boyfriends, who now works as a manager at Soho House... and he said if we fancied going he would put us on the guest list. Aargh! The very evening I am recovering from the vomit and nausea fest that was the day before, I get an invitation to a swish private members bar in Soho. Oh well, there's always another night I suppose.... always the way tho eh?


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