Sunday, March 21, 2004

Well, after another wasted weekend (in the sense that I didn't do much, not that I was actually wasted), Monday is upon us once again... tomorrow I start my new role as a Monday part-time voluntary research assistant psychologist (bit of a mouthful). Also in the news - I rang the Open University yesterday, and apparently they will be sending out my course materials for the MSc starting in May... all quite exciting (in a geeky kind of way!)... i think i might actually be addicted to studying - after all, it's only 6 months since I finished my postgrad. diploma (which took 2 years), and this will be degree number 3 (not including the philosophy degree I started but only did 8 months of, due to it 'not leading to a job'... did enjoy it tho). I'm not sure what it is I like about it... maybe it's just keeping your mind busy, or throwing yourself into some sort of project... whatever it is, it's about to begin again...

Today's Albanian word is me knu which means to sing.


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