Monday, March 22, 2004

Today I started working in the research department - it's weird, I have never worked in an office before. Some things really reminded me of The Office - for instance, I was being shown the fire exits and the ramp was blocked by some crates (tut tut) and then the other exit was just stairs... and they do have a man in a wheelchair in the department [if you're not familiar with The Office, this will not be v.funny]. Bit nicer to have your own desk and own telephone extension, rather than just trying to squeeze into a tiny corner of bench space on a busy ward. It's going to take some getting used to working in the office environment, although one plus point seems to be that it is way more relaxed than a hospital ward. The work I am going to be doing looks interesting so far.

Also got my study stuff through from the Open University - bit of a daunting prospect seeing the assignments and exam questions before you've started the course. Looks really interesting tho - lots of sociology, philosophy and (aargh) statistics.

Have just realised that I have been exceptionally (usually) good with money this month - have managed to pay 2 rents, travelcards, bills and the usual stuff out of one pay packet, and still have £250 left over... but then again I have had no social life whatsoever. Hmm.

Today's Albanian word is shkalle which means a stairway, stairs.


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