Friday, March 12, 2004

Finished the Antony Grayling book last night, having taken only 6 days to read it (must be a record for me, for I am not usually such a quick reader). Really enjoyed the book, gives you a little food for thought, without bogging you down in complex arguments. Just as well I enjoyed it, as I bought two of his other books at the same time. Next on the list, however, is The Journals of Sylvia Plath... I've had this book for ages, and have started it before, but only got as far as 20 pages. It looks very interesting, and I have always been fascinated by "tortured souls", so it should be right up my street.

The BEP situation is as yet unresolved... I will have to wait till The Boyfriend wakes up (ie. mid-afternoon) to see how things pan out. I did suggest that even if my dad was coming, then perhaps he might go out for a meal with a friend, freeing me up to go to the BEP gig, but this was not well-received by the opposition. I think the answer was 'neither of us will go' and he'd let his friend go with someone else, which was not quite the answer I'd hoped for. Still, all could change by 3pm...


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