Friday, March 26, 2004

Eye eye!

What a day at work! A man came round from A+E after possibly being assaulted, and he happened to have a glass eye... now this glass eye was broken, and had fallen out... so the A+E nurse brought the remnants of it round in a paper cup - it looked horrid, like a fish eye looking up at you. Then later in the day, a woman vomited blood all over my shoes, and the glass eye man almost weed on my dress (after crapping himself in the bed... classy). Also, a woman who giggled inappropriately at everything. Towards the end of the shift we had another man with a glass eye (what's going on?!!... but THIS glass eye was fixed in a scary surprised-looking position) who came in wearing his boxer shorts over a pair of leggings, bare chest and bomber jacket. Nice.

Needless to say I'm now on my second glass of wine... what a bizarre day.


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