Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Well my dad has returned from whence he came (ie. oop norf). Have had a smashing 4 days - have been on the London Eye (rather overpriced, but worth it nonetheless), been in about 5 different Starbucks, been to Camden and Spitalfields markets, frequented Borders bookshop (didn't break the New Year Resolution - Dad bought me some books hehe... three A C Grayling ones, and Star of the Sea), have been in the Natural History Museum to look at the dinosaurs, have seen Of Mice and Men at the Old Vic Theatre (fab, well worth a visit, but sadly not many theatre-goers in), and today have been to Primrose Hill and Regents Park, St Pauls cathedral, the wobbly bridge and the Sun at the Tate Modern..... Phew! I need a holiday now to get over it...


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