Thursday, February 26, 2004

Managed to talk to my mum on the phone last night for 1hr 20mins (our record so far!)... hot topic of debate was the teaching of religion in schools [I must point out that my mum is very religious, and I am not]. I remember the recent hoo-har about the proposal to teach atheism in schools, and to be honest I think they should just do away with religious education in schools altogether. I plump for teaching philosophy in schools instead, maybe that way we'd have a younger generation [do I sound old yet?] who can articulate a proper argument and actually think logically about things, rather than the one word anthem of "innit". And now I've started, I am dead against all these proposals to make education in schools "more vocational"... whilst a classical education may not be the most 'fun', I think it's definitely the most beneficial for 'developing the mind' and providing a general education. To me, vocational education is just another way of dumbing-down our culture and population. There, I feel better now!


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