Sunday, February 22, 2004

Now in my mind I have gone from having a small holiday in the north-east to wanting to move back there, although I always said I wouldn't. It's just that you can buy a house for less than £100k in a nice area, and the schools are better (yes, i'm thinking ahead!) and the countryside is right next to you, and well just everything really. I think that living in London for almost 9 years is starting to wear me down - too many people everywhere you go (even if you go to somewhere like Hampstead Heath on a Sunday morning to escape the traffic and hustle-and-bustle of city life, you get there to discover half of London had the same idea) ... the idea of living in a nice house by the sea is very appealing on a cold, windy grey day in London. Now I just have to persuade The Boyfriend to agree... which might be extremely difficult (read: Impossible). He has tons of old friends he's known since school in London, plus his brother, and despite my comments that we'd have a better quality of life up north etc etc he is v. averse to change. Bugger! Any suggestions for twisting his arm gratefully received (except for shipping all of his friends up there with us, which clearly would not work).


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